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Electrical Safe Isolation Issues?

These products could provide you the solutions:- PlugSafe in closed position. SwitchSafe and PlugSafe have been uniquely created as localised Safe Isolation barriers. Both units are suited to all domestic trade types such as Gas, Electric, Plumbing etc. and other non-electrically competent DIY enthusiasts.

Both Products enables the user to work in a safe, confident and competent manner whilst being safe the knowledge that the circuit is isolated locally without the need to isolate at the Mains Consumer Unit or removing Plug tops and Fuses.

Both Products are universally sized to suit all Single Gang switches including 25Amp or 45Amp Double Pole switches and fit all square 3 pin Plug Tops.

All of our extensive research proved that Tradesmen felt that their individual businesses current Electrical safe isolation process was too complex or time consuming. Engineers clearly stated they were reluctant to Isolate and or work at the Mains Consumer Units or remove and safely isolate Plug tops to avoid accidental power up. This was proved to be mostly due to fear, inexperience, lack of Training, time constraints, inaccessibility and or negligence. Not following Electrical Safe Isolation Procedures puts both Engineers and the Customers at risk.

You need these safety products

SwitchSafe and PlugSafe put the emphasis of simple, safe isolation back onto the Engineer and give Managers with the comfort that the duty of care required for staff is provided.

All trade types and DIY enthusiasts are deemed competent enough to use SwitchSafe and PlugSafe.

Their simplicity, ease of usage and low prices ensures that there is no reason why all Engineers should not carry SwitchSafe and PlugSafe.

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